Tenshi no Ai Cafe at Castle Point Anime Convention 2014

Tenshi no Ai is back again to give you all a wonderful time with foods, performances, and raffle prizes all with a brand new twist to how we’ll spend time with you!

We will be open from 12:00-16:00 (12pm - 4pm). Each hour on the hour for 45-minutes will be a themed session! These sessions’ themes range from a cute and fun neko atmosphere to serving you as different types of deres.

Session #1: Types, Types, And More Types

  • Each server will have a different persona such as “The Hime Type,” “The Kohai Type,” and “The Little Sister Type.”

Session #2: Koneko And Neko Time

  • With so much moe magic in the room, the servers ended up transforming into nekos and konekos. (We weren’t aware that this was a moe side-effect.)

Session #3: Dare to Dere

  • Each maid and midler has now taken on a dere persona. (After the neko side-effect wore off of course.) You may meet a sweet Deredere or a Tsundere who seems cold, but really does care for you deep down. You may choose which type of dere you’d like. Our butlers won’t be here for this session. They’ll be on a secret mission.

Session #4: Candy! Candy!

  • On the butlers’ secret mission, they found a treasure chest of candy! All servers will be wearing candy accessories to celebrate. Since this is our last session of the day, there will be a special closing ceremony.

Did I mention that everything is free? Yes, FREE!

Go here for more detailed information on our different sessions, drop off any questions you may have, or just let us know you’ll be attending: https://www.facebook.com/events/229823887141921/

Tenshi no Ai Cafe Like Page: https://www.facebook.com/tenshinoaicafe

Tenshi no Ai Cafe Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/104311509616114/

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